Hardware Installations and Repairs

Whether you have chosen a Windows or a Mac based computer, our technicians will help you set-up or repair your computer at your home or office.

InnerPC makes it easy. We come to your home or office to handle your computer troubleshooting and repair needs. Or if it's more convenient for you, we provide a pick up/drop off service and complete your repairs off-site.

  • Set up computers including keyboard, monitor and mouse
  • Transfer all your documents, emails, pictures and software from your old computers to your new ones
  • Upgrade your existing computers to take advantage of new technologies, such as increasing RAM or upgrading your hard drive
  • Set up printers, scanners, webcams and other equipment to work with your computer and on your network
  • Configuration of Windows or Mac operating systems to your needs
  • Troubleshoot and repair computers, hard drives, monitors and other peripherals
  • Set up or troubleshoot DSL or cable Internet connections

As a time-saver, our technicians stock the latest parts for hardware repairs and upgrades.