Graphic Design


Simplicity and usability are a standard in all aspects of design from websites to print. Let's face it if you can't read it, or understand how to use it, it's not serving it's purpose.

The word “design” refers to the process of originating and developing a plan for an aesthetic and functional object. Usually this requires considerable research, thought, modeling, iterative adjustment and re-design.

Here at The Market Man  we are about clean simple design and web standards. It seems nowadays everybody is a web or graphic designer to a certain extent. The difference between an educated designer and a self taught one are immense. I'm not saying there's anything wrong with having your cousin design your website. He or she might not know about web standards and accessibility.

The web is evolving everyday with the ever growing support for slimmed down CSS based tableless designs like the one you're viewing this very moment.

Graphic Design Service Side 1 Side 2 Total
Business Cards $90 $35 $125
Postcards $100 $35 $135
Flyers $100 $50 $150
CD/DVD Packing     $300
Jewel Case Inserts     $200
Basic CD Sleeves     $300
Fancy CD Sleeves     $400
Event Tickets (2 sides) $50 $25 $75
Posters (8.5x11 to 24x36)     $175
Rack Cards $100 $35 $135
Doorhangers (2 sides) $100 $75 $175
Table Tents (2 sides) $100 $75 $175
Stickers (1 side) $75   $75
Letterhead (1 side) $225   $225
Envelopes (1 side) $100   $100
Presentation Folders (1 side) $200   $200
Notepads (1 side) $125   $125
Greeting Cards (2 sides) $75 $35 $110
Standard Format Brochure (8.5x11) $250 $50 $300
Large Format Brochures (11 x 17) $275 $50 $325
Sales Data Sheet (2 sides) $150 $50 $200
Product Hang Tags $100 $50 $150
Saddle Stitched Booklets (8.5 x 11)     $75 per page
Saddle Stitched Booklets (8.5 x 5.5)     $75 per page
Newletters (8 pages)     $525
Bookcover     $175
Scanning and Typesetting (With provided electronic file)     $100
Additional Scan (each)     $35
  » Special design? give us a call to discuss the details.  
  All design fee quotes are preliminary and are subject to change based on time needed for multiple revisions requested by the client.

An hourly fee of $75/hour or a $25 per revision may be added to the base price after the 2 final revisions have been made, per project.

Typesetting charges are included in the basic price, as long as the customer provides an electronic file with the content and no further typesetting needs to be made. Text changes qualify as revisions.